Southern coast

Finally, after returning from Vestmannaeyjar, we still had one last full day to explore the southern coast a bit. We had rented a little cabin on a farm not far from Hvolsvöllur, just off of the ring road. We drove to the Hjorleifshofoi inselberg to check out the “Yoda cave” and the amazing landscape there. The grave of Hjörleifr Hróðmarsson, one of Iceland’s first settlers, is located on top of Hvolsvöllur.

From there we took some gravel roads further inland to get a better view of the Mýrdalsjökull – the glacier that covers the Katla volcano.

After that, we drove to Vik for a late lunch and a visit to the popular beach there. After lunch, we drove to Dyrhólaey, with its spectacular ocean-side rock formations and the lighthouse.

After climbing around Dyrhólaey for a good while we were tired and it was getting late, so we headed back to our cozy cabin and cooked some pasta for dinner.

Good bye, Iceland!
The next day was our last day in Iceland. We drove back towards Reykjavik, not without stopping for some more fumerols on the way back. We then went to Costco and had lunch there, and filled up the car. Then we dropped off the car at the airport and left Iceland in the afternoon.